MOBiNET: the Europe-wide e-market place of mobility services for businesses and end users

At the core of MOBiNET is a platform providing components and tools that enable interactions between users and suppliers of mobility services.
The MOBiNET e-marketplace allows content and service providers to exchange transport and mobility services for new or third-party service development.

MOBiNET provides:

  • A comprehensive Europe-wide directory of mobility and transport-related data and services
  • An e-marketplace as an e-commerce network linking content providers, service providers and end users
  • Traveller assistance tools for service roaming and virtual ticketing
  • Third-party service composition to discover and add content and services to existing products
  • An “App Directory” and smart Communication Manager for end-user devices
  • A Service Development Kit to enable easy creation of new user services


Services: Enabled or Enhanced by MOBiNET


MOBiNET benefits FOR:


  • one-stop shop for contect-aware mobility services
  • pan-European roaming & coverage
  • integrated user accounts for transport services throughout Europe


  • publish traffic and travel information to all users
  • attract new customers
  • save costs


  • deliver services to any kind of compliant customer device
  • directory of all mobility-related data and services
  • service/data trading without one-to-one negotiation

Data providers

Service providers

  • An opportunity to develop a broad range of mobility Apps