Business advantages

The MOBiNET Marketplace, serving both vehicle drivers and non-drivers, delivers the following added value business advantages:

  • Proprietary methods for collecting and decoding data at the device level remain confidential
  • It is device and technology agnostic, backwards compatible and future-proof
  • Security and confidentiality of communication protocols is preserved
  • Device management and maintenance (line fitted and retro-fitted) are secured by their owners
  • All service providers can have equal access to all types of devices and all customers
  • Content for each service can be harmonized and a minimum set of data defined
  • Everyone is able to focus on its core business while the eco-system is preserved
  • Sustainability of the eco-system is maintained through fair compensation for each stakeholder
  • Payments and financial transactions can be made even for small amounts and the entire payment and clearing process is simplified
  • It is faster and more flexible than any other approach
  • Most important, it provides a method for the end users to obtain the broadest range of services in the most convenient manner