Key Success Factors

The MOBiNET Marketplace is designed for use by all types of mobility applications, both in and out of vehicles and with integrated, tethered and nomadic systems. Vehicle-based connectivity solutions require the highest degree of security. Messaging to and from vehicles is therefore conducted via a trusted, so-called telematics service provider (TSP) that is able to send and receive encrypted data messages and forward service and data requests to the appropriate parties in the vehicle’s ecosystem. The MOBiNET Marketplace solution is technology agnostic, both on the vehicle side and on the service provider side, since it harmonizes the structure of data messages and access at the TSP level with the TSP Manager rather than at the in-vehicle device level. It is by design, multi-bearer and multi-content and can be implemented quickly.
Reducing the problem to the level of message interchange between TSPs and service and content providers ensures that the privacy of the individuals is kept intact. Just as importantly, it means that customers will be free to choose among a range of service and content providers who are compatible with their in-vehicle systems. End users decide where their data is sent by controlling themselves the relationship with the service providers. From the supplier side, content and service providers can sell to a much larger customer base, not just to the customers using a particular device. This will increase competition, lower costs and foster innovation.
Minimum sets of data will be defined for the core services within each major application area (e.g., usage based insurance, parking services, roadside assistance) and be delivered by the TSPs (not directly by the in-vehicle device). High level application protocols will also be defined in order to allow all sub-systems within the mobility services framework to interact smoothly with one another.
An added advantage of this approach is that technology development is fostered through competition to produce the best performing solutions at all steps, from the in-vehicle system design and operations to the delivery of services and contents. This is an advantage to the entire eco-system: OEMs, TSPs suppliers and the service and content providers. Business insights and each company’s intellectual property are protected.