MOBiNET Bordeaux Showcase

5-9 October 2015, ITS World Congress 2015 – Bordeaux, France

At the ITS World Congress in Bordeaux, MOBiNET presented the third release of its platform, components and tools as well as the concept of a Europe-wide e-market place.

The showcase demonstrated the value add of the MOBiNET platform to end users, app developers, content and service providers. The MOBiNET platform was tested by non-ITS Community developers and valuable feedback was collected from third-party users. The MOBiNET project was able to present the work progress in various technical and business-related areas.

The multiple functionalities of the MOBiNET e-marketplace were demonstrated through a series of activities:

  • The multimodal journey planning app integrated into the Bordeaux Congress app was enabled by MOBiNET. The MOBiNET app was developed using a large number of open data available in Bordeaux and published in the MOBiNET Service Directory.
  • The MOBiNET stand demonstrated 7 use cases which showed the value add of MOBiNET either through demonstrations, applications or videos.
    For more information on demonstration scenarios, added value of MOBiNET platform and validation / user feedback, click here.
  • MOBiNET presented 10 papers in technical sessions of the ITS Congress Conference. The MOBiNET project session focused on the question whether there is a business case for a universal mobility service marketplace. MOBiNET contributed to the discussion on the transition from a world where the traveller owns or uses a range of transport to one where mobility is delivered through a package of services. Read more...
  • Together with Michelin Challenge Bibendum, MOBiNET staged an ITS Hackathon. The ITS Hackathon was a real test for the platform with external users. These users represented the non-ITS stakeholder community. The Hackaton was a good example of how the platform can facilitate the development and marketing of mobility services. The Hackathon targeted academics from universities and research centre, start-uppers, designers, developers and service providers. Read more...