MOBiNET Platform now live! Join us

Thank you for your interest in MOBiNET! The procedure hereafter explains how to get access to the MOBiNET Platform to either explore or test it with your use case.

Explore the Platform
In case you want to explore the platform, you simply need to log in. By clicking on the "GET STARTED" button hereunder, you will get to the MOBiCENTRE login page. Please note that this will only grant you a read-only access to the Platform: you will be able to review its contents but you won’t be able to perform any interaction with the Platform nor upload any new content.

Test the Platform with your use case
In case you want to test the Platform with your own use case, e.g. add contents, you will first need to register to the Platform as explained above, but also to fill in the cooperation agreement, including a description of your proposed test case of the Platform, e.g. create a service description for one of your services. After approval by the Project Management Team, the platform administrator will upgrade your rights and you will be good to go.
Download the cooperation agreement template here.
Contact if you have any question in relation.

Materials for guidance and support
A Service Support Centre (SSC) available from the MOBiCENTRE homepage or Dashboard will guide and support you during the visit of the Platform. The SSC contains all related documentation, tutorial videos as well as a FAQs section to solve or report your issues.

Your feedback counts
After using and testing the Platform, you will receive a feedback questionnaire to kindly report you overall experience and thus contribute to the continuous improvement of the Platform.

How to log in
Once you click on the “GET STARTED” button here below, you will arrive at the MOBiCENTRE login page from where you can log in with your existing Google account or create a MOBiNET user account. To create a new MOBiNET user account, first click on the link “Identity Manager”. Once the registration procedure completed, you will receive an email link to create a new password. Go back to the MOBiCENTRE login page and log in with your MOBiNET account credentials.