MOBiNET envisages a new “Internet of Mobility” where transport users meet providers of next-generation mobility services. MOBiNET is a European e-market place of mobility services for business and end users. The project addresses the current frustration that widespread deployment of ITS services is hindered by the complexity of the real world of mobility information and infrastructure, which e.g. prevents seamless coverage of services across borders throughout Europe.

The MOBiNET concept includes five key areas of innovation:

  • Federated directory of all European online services for transport and mobility;
  • Identity authentication and management scheme for single sign-on by any user for multiple services;
  • Unified accounting & billing framework, allowing roaming by users & payment clearing between providers;
  • Secure operating environment for in-vehicle and portable devices, offering (for users) a dedicated app-directory and (for service providers) access to all subscribing users;
  • B2B community & marketplace for automatic negotiation of service agreements when adding extra service components and data sources to existing service offerings.

MOBiNET will open the door to harmonised services, seamless connectivity, instant access to transport data, single subscription and billing for travellers and a one-stop shop for mobility services.